AGM 2014

121st Headley Cricket Club Annual General Meeting (2014) Minutes

1 Endorsement of the minutes of the 2013 Annual General Meeting
The 2013 AGM minutes were accepted by those present at the meeting.

2 Treasurer’s report and adoption of accounts for 2013
The Treasurer gave an overview of the annual accounts:


The following items were highlighted:

>          Thanks to Barny Harrison and Grant Waller for a well organized and well attended annual dinner raising £1,932, up 25% from last year thanks to a successful auction.

>          Thanks to Andy Pickering for organizing several ground hires which is proving a good source of income year on year, contributing £1,261 in 2013 (down 5%).

>          The crucial contribution of vice presidents donations (£4,790) was highlighted, without which the clubs finances would be in a much poorer state. No other club in Surrey have this kind of support.

>          Match fees (£2,505) were up 39% thanks to fewer games being cancelled due to weather.

>          Bar turnover (£3,365) was also up 34% as a result. Costs were also up (£2,895) providing a surplus of £471.

>          Subs were down 15% due to the number of occasional players (£1,200).

>          Groundsman costs were up due to more opportunity to work on the pitch as a result of improved weather.

>          Pavilion upgrade (£4,825) and pitch renovation (£3,600) provided a one-off cost which largely contributed to the total net deficit of £6,378 in 2013. This was largely funded by the net surplus of £18,417 in 2012.

>          The £13,171 raised at the Olympic Cycling Race in 2012 was highlighted as a huge benefit to the club, which has put the club finances in good health for the foreseeable future.

>          A proposal of a sinking fund was raised for future pitch renovations, which is needed every 5+ years.


Those present at the meeting accepted the accounts.


3 Subscriptions and match fees for 2014

The Committee’s proposals for subscriptions and match fees were adopted as follows:


Membership Type

Annual Fee/Date

  Playing Member


 Playing Member (Early Bird)


  Playing Member (1st year)


  Non Playing Member


  Student Member


  Deadline for Early Bird

1st June

 50% Fee applies after

1st July

Membership Type

Match Fee

  Playing Member


  Student Member



4 Election of Officers of the Club for 2014

The Committee’s nominations were adopted as follows (new appointments in blue):



President (Director HCC Ltd)

Sir Michael Pickard

Chairman (Director HCC Ltd)

Andrew Pickering

General Secretary (Director HCC Ltd)

Barney Hesketh

Treasurer (Director HCC Ltd)

Will Midmer

Fixture Secretary

Gareth Noble

Pavilion Secretary

Paul Briggs

Bar Secretary

Tim Collett

Fund Raising Secretary

Barny Harrison

Child Welfare Officer

Andrew Pickering

Saturday 1st XI Captain

Jeff Haywood (OF)

Saturday 1st XI Vice-Captain


Saturday 2nd XI Captain


Sunday Captain

James Midmer

Sunday Vice-Captain



John Vaughan-Davies

* Ewan French was proposed as being a potential 2nd XI captain. Grant Waller and Andrew Pickering will probably help out on Saturday and act as vice-captains. Lee Dickinson was proposed as a potential vice captain on Sunday.


Election of sub-Committees for 2013




Bar Committee

Tim Collett, Paul Briggs, Barny Harrison

Fund Raising Committee

Barny Harrison, Grant Waller




5 Any other business

>          Club membership is down 30% nationally. Many clubs in Surrey are struggling. Headley are not alone. The Saturday 2nd team often had trouble raising a team.

>          The club will continue to look to recruit new players, advertising where appropriate. Word of mouth via current members is seen as being key.

>          1pm start on Saturday league games was rejected by the Surrey Downs League. However, the format has changed to limited over (45 overs) for middle half. 1st quarter and 4th quarter remain as declaration.

>          Will Midmer and Barney Hesketh have become Directors of the club. Departing secretary Anjai Patel’s contribution to the club was recognized. Anjai has moved to Singapore.

>          Surrey County Playing Fields association was proposed as a potential source of funding of one off projects. This will be kept in mind when an opportunity arises in the future.

>          Gentlemen’s Dinner is on Friday 14th November.



Barney Hesketh

Hon. General Secretary

23rd February 2014