Sunday XI overwhelm Woodlawn

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May 8, 2018
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May 21, 2018

Sunday XI overwhelm Woodlawn

Sunday XI- 238 for 4 (35 overs) – Mitch Pickering 66no, Steve Barton 51, Henry Elburn 46


Woodlawn – 58 all out (17 overs) – Nick Tunnell 3-13, Bobby Barton 2-16, Ilyas Malick 4-11



Headley continued their strong start to the season with an emphatic win against Woodlawn at the HCG.


Steve Barton contacted stand in skipper Andy Pickering just before the toss explaining he was on his way and that Headley should field first. The skipper examined this advice looking for any merit in it and having won the toss and seeing absolutely no merit in the advice chose to ignore it and bat first.


The Woodlawn opening bowlers were as good an opening pair seen at Headley so far and their control of swing and seam movement troubled the openers and saw Pickering senior and Clavert back in the pavilion before 10 overs was up. Henry Elburn and Steve Barton saw off the opening pair with aplomb and started to amass the runs. Barton reached yet another 50 before he was the victim of a text book run out with Elburn executing the perfect “yes, no, sorry”


Elburn failed to get to his 50 but had sett he stage for Mitch Pickering and debutant Ilyas Marick to power the total along. Pickering junior rolled back the years with a display of muscle and ocassional deft touches. Once again low flying aircraft were placed at risk. Headley went into tea confident that the bowling armoury was a strong as the batting.


Headley’s bowling proved to just as strong as it’s batting. Bobby Barton has got the HCG deck well worked out and bagged a wicket with his first ball. Nick Tunnel at the other end bowled with real zip and before long the opening pair had bagged 5 wickets between them. Bobby Barton was very unlucky not to get 2 more and Pickering senior spilled an incredibly sharp chance and Tunnell an absolute sitter.


Debutant Malick showed his complete game with an impressively controlled spell of bowling helping himself to 4 wickets including two redemption catches by Pickering and Tunnell.


Woodlawn were unlucky to catch Headley at their best.

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